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Hammock Forums Logo Caribiner


Hammock Forums' own Dutch, inventor of the Dutch Clips and the Dutch Biner, has done it again. This time he has created the Hammock Forums Logo Biner.

The Logo Biner is made from orange anodized T6 6061 aluminum and features two heavy duty spring gates. It is about 3.5 inches at its widest point, about .19 inch thick, and weighs in at .72 ounces(~20 grams)

The Logo Biner is great for attaching items to your pack or hanging lightweight items * from your hammock. The pointy bits would also be great for poking any charging bears in the eyes, or fighting off any ninja one may come across while on the trail.

$8.99  On Sale $6.99

*Please note that the Hammock Forums Logo Biner is not made for load bearing applications such as hammock suspensions.

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