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New from the maker of Line Loks: Q-Loks.

Q-Lok allows you to quickly adjust a rope to a variety of positions. Knots along the rope allow a number of fixed positions to be quickly rigged or changed.

Great for ridge lines, guy lines, or rope caribiners.

Price is for one Q-Lok.

Not recommended for load bearing applications such as hammock suspensions.

  • Quickly connect fittings to a pre-set position.
  • Quickly connect your rig to a fixed position.
  • Tapered lock means ropes stay put under no-load.
  • Made from 3mm diameter stainless steel.
  •  300-400kg load capacity with a knotted rope.
  • Ideal with 3 to 4mm coreless ropes.
  • Weighs 5 grams each.
  •   Dimensions: 1 5/16" L x 3/4" H

Instruction Sheet (PDF)

Splicing Guide (PDF)

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